Menus are guidelines as we are pleased to prepare or procure exactly what your passenger and crew desires. If you don’t see it here, please ask.

Seafood Tray, part of our TRAYS OF GASTRONOMIQUE selections
Dipped Strawberries, part of our SWEETS selections
Amuse Bouche, part of our HORS D’OEUVRES selections
Fruit Tray
Fresh Fruit Tray, part of our BREAKFAST selections
Grilled Salmon on Garden Greens, part of our HEALTHY GREENS selection
Lite ‘n Fit Wrap, part of our EVERYTHING VEGAN selections
Deluxe Box Lunch, part of our SANDWICH BOARD selections
Steak & Vegetable Meal, part of our LUNCH COUNTER selections
Whitefish Dinner, part of our GOURMET AIRFARE selections
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Navigating through COVID-19
Gourmet Airfare Detroit is committed to caring for the health and well-being of our partners and customers.